Having an island in a kitchen is more popular now than ever before. With on-going advancements, kitchen Islands can incorporate a vast array of options from seating, cooking facilities and even the kitchen sink. There are pop-up sockets, curved ends and a whole range of storage and aesthetic options to really get the most from your space.

In recent years the introduction to the market of a vented hob has really changed everything, now you can comfortably situate your hob on an island without the need of an intrusive island hood, a massive game changer in the world of kitchen design. A vented hob doesn't always have to vent to the outside, although it's certainly more effective, you might not have the capability to vent as, the only way to do this is to take the extraction under the ground.

Most vented hobs will come with the option to put carbon filters in.

Any island wouldn't be complete without the work surface, theres a huge choice as an island can usually be fitted with any worktop material of your choice, granite, corian and other solid surfaces such as quartz are all obvious choices, there's also solid woods such as oak and beech, but, even laminate can be a possiblity. 

But have you considered this?

A kitchen island with a wood and resin mix, similar to those designer resin tables we see, often with live edges and a river like finish. 

Well, the exciting design aspect with islands is that they do not have to be a perfect match the kitchen, in fact, if you're going for a bespoke designer finish then its often advisable to set it apart with a different worksurface or door colour.

Using a resin style top takes the design to a whole new level, a truly unique one-off piece in the centre of your kitchen will create the wow factor and truly inspire all those that see it.

This might just be the next big thing for kitchen Islands.

It's been introduced by an independent kitchen retailer in Wroughton, a Wiltshire village just outside Swindon, the owner of Olivestone Kitchens; Stuart Miles has partnered with renowned resin company By Charles. Together they have designed and produced a remarkable one-off piece that sits proudly in the showroom on German kitchen cabinets made by Hacker. 

Stuart Miles commented

"It's really quite striking what we've produced and every visitor compliments it, even the other worktop company reps say how wonderful it is, it's one that everyone wants to touch when they see it" 

If you'd like to find out more about resin island tops you can contact Stuart at Olivestone Kitchens via their website at https://olivestone.co.uk

Resin has many uses for interior projects and is also used to create interesting floors, it comes with a variety of colour and finishing options. There are plain colours as well as clear and metallic, you can even add a drop of glitter.